Adult Camp Gallery 2007

Thank you campers for your photo contributions!

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Abe Most

"Double Trouble"

Vocalist Michael Slack

"Washboard Annie & The Guys"

Vocalist Elita Chaffin

"Lou's Lounge Lizards"



Vocalist Trudy Currier

"Never Give Up"

Vocalist Wendy Maxwell

"Bones & the Smiling Mackerel"

Dave Bolton, Stan Cummings

Vocalist Ruth Amos

Kristy Pottol

Vocalist Wally Hawkins

Bruno Tassoni

Bill Chamberlain

Vocalist Sandy Smallwood

Eddie Erickson and Jan Buhlert

Vocalist Barbara Gilbert

Mac Eastham

Priscilla Ornelas

Kimzey McGrath & Felicia Greenwood

Leon Le Doux

Lorraine Wadsworth

The Concert

Jim Borland, Mike O' Hearn

A local jazz fan

Ted Brown

Alan Shaw & Richard Woodworth

Justin Au, Mathew Bowman, Bobbie Rothen

Leonard Julian, Joel Toste, Ian Hutchinson, Matt Miller

Mathew Bowman, Justin Au

Blythe Polreis

Toni Stewart, George Smith, Allan Wallace

Annie Abler

Ruth Amos, Lorraine Wadsworth

Bobbie Rothen & Claire Tearse

Kristy Pottol at the creek

Linda Green

Don Huntington